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what's new

• New support documents are available to coincide with the Oracle 11i financial applications upgrade. You'll find these new help files throughout the Web Voucher, General Ledger, Budget Tool, Reporting, and Accounts Receivable areas of ABLE.

• You can get an introduction to the new systems and the Oracle Personal Homepage by viewing the simulations on Logging on to Oracle 11i, Navigating in Oracle 11i, or Creating a Web Voucher.

• There's a complete list of the system changes in the Oracle 11i edition of the e-News. This issue also includes information on how to meet the new desktop standards needed for the Oracle 11i and PeopleSoft applications.

Catch up on more of what's new with the e-News.

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T-Bill rates  
Collection laws: state and federal  
Universal expense form  
Extra compensation form  
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ABLE, a Better Learning Environment
Coding Financial Transactions
with the Chart of Accounts
  •  Harvard's chart of accounts 
  •  expense object code list (Excel) 
  •  endowment unit rates 
  •  using sponsored chart values 
  •  more...
Processing Payments and Reimbursements with Web Voucher
  •  pay a vendor 
  •  request travel or non-travel reimbursements
  •  pay Amex 
  •  look up voucher or payment info 
  •  more...
Making Purchases with the
Purchasing Card (PCard)
  •  read the PCard manual 
  •  PCard application form 
  •  reconcile transactions 
  •  print PCard reports 
  •  more...
Running Standard Reports
in AWS2
  •  choose the right report 
  •  look up chart values 
  •  run and view a report 
  •  download a report 
  •  more...
Creating Journals in the
General Ledger
  •  create a journal 
  •  find a journal 
  •  reverse a journal 
  •  FY03 month end closing schedule 
  •  more...
Running Specialized Reports
  •  choose a report 
  •  run and view a report 
  •  download a report 
  •  build a request set 
  •  more...
Managing Accounts Receivable
  •  create an invoice 
  •  create a credit memo   
  •  review collection activity 
  •  more...
Creating Fiscal Budgets
  •  create a detailed budget 
  •  download fiscal budget data 
  •  upload fiscal budget data 
  •  more...
Processing Cash, Checks, and Other Incoming Funds
  •  depositing cash and checks
  •  Credit Voucher form (Excel)
  •  Harvard's cash management policies
  •  more...

Creating Sponsored Award
  •  enter a sponsored budget 
  •  use the budget upload spreadsheet 
  •  upload a file to the General Ledger 
  •  more...

Using University Financial Systems
  •  which system to use
  •  user names and passwords
  •  responsibility naming conventions
  •  desktop standards
  •  more...